Yoga is the greatest gift one can receive.

The rewards of this practice are limitless, depending only on your level of commitment and participation. Karen Weber offers Yoga classes, private sessions, Ayurvedic and Thai Yoga bodywork, massage therapy specialized workshops, programs and teacher trainings, and written work that teach you how to fully live a conscious Yoga life.


Mukti means liberation and Bhukti means enjoyment. Every experience that comes from this world has the dual purpose of being here for our enjoyment and for our growth. The challenge with enjoyment is that is easy to get attached to it, which often cause suffering. Yoga is a path of freedom. It helps us see experience as an opportunity for growth.


About Yoga

The ultimate aim of Yoga is the inward journey that leads home to you. It is known as Self-realization. This quest is one of shedding the layers of learned behavior and beliefs that have shown up in our body as tension and in our mind as anxiety, worry, misperception, confusion and lack of focus.  All of this obscures our light, negatively influences our choices and limits the realization of our potential.

Karens Yoga Corner

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